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The Blue and Yellow Submarine Parade is one of 24 brand new commissions for a two-week cultural festival - eurofestival - which will take over Liverpool in the lead up to the Eurovision song contest.

inspired by the eurovision 2023 slogan 'united by music', the blue and yellow submarine parade is a collaboration between the kazimier and a team of uk and ukrainian designers, musicians, and community groups. the huge outdoor underwater sea disco will make its way through the city to kickstart the party on friday 5th may. expect hundreds of performers, incredible music and a huge glitterball jellyfish.


A submarine research vessel explores the deep sea, its mission: an underwater life of happiness, making friends in a world where everyone lives in unity. Our trusty seafarers and their friends symbolise the partnership with Liverpool and Ukraine, the global Eurovision community and the unity it brings.


A drumming octopus, skating jellyfish and hundreds of sea creatures parade the streets, the submarine gliding in their wake. Performers in blue form a vast undulating sea, with a shoal of fish weaving in and out. It is an underwater kingdom of sounds, dancing and fun.


We encourage audience and public to join us en route and adopt the underwater fancy dress theme.


The opportunity to be part of the parade is available to all through creative facilitated workshops.

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